ASR / EVO Airbox Replacement Filters

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  • ASR / EVO type airbox replacement filter by IKP.
    • Useful to use in practice or non-competition days with ASR / EVO style airbox
    • This foam filter provides added protection over filter cartridges used with this style airbox in racing applications, so it is great for dusty or wet days at the track where the last 0.1% of performance doesn't matter, and preserving the health of your engine is paramount. 
  • Integrated and angled rubber boot. 
  • Sold as a filter only, with no additional mounting hardware. 
  • For use with filter types shown. 
  • Ideal For: Reed-Valve 2 Cycle Karting Intake/Air Box IMAE, ROK, Parilla, Air Box 30mm (ID) Intkae Plenums IAME, IAME X30, IAME Leopard.
  • *Point Karting wishes to remind customers that this air filter may not be homologated or compliant with your series rules or regulations. As such, this filter is a great filter for practice/track days.*