Angled Steering Wheel Wedge Kit (10 Degree)

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Angled Kart Steering Wheel Wedge Kit - includes hardware and angled wedge to change angle of steering wheel on racing go karts. This assembly is perfect for kart racers that need additional steering leverage or feeling in their hands while on track! This steering wedge kit is a fantastic and cost-effective option to help younger racers feel more confident in handling high-grip cornering forces.

Each angled steering wedge kit comes as a complete group of components needed to install the wedge between a standard steering wheel hub and the steering wheel itself.

Milled from a piece of billet aluminum, the wedge features multiple slots to accommodate various steering wheel hubs, which can have different bolt patterns or bolt diameters.

In addition to the steering wedge at the core of this kit, TDC has included (3) longer M5 bolts and hardware accommodate the increase in height from the base of this wheel hub and the steering wheel to make sure all components of the steering system are kept tight and secure.

Each steering wedge kit comes with (1) steering wedge and (3) bolt kits - M5 bolt, washer, nut. Note that the M5 bolts are countersunk, designed to work with 6mm tapered washers for proper installation.