Amsoil Synthetic Small Engine Oil (10w30) (Trackside Delivery)

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Engine dependability is essential whether that engine is mowing the lawn, or turning laps on the track. Amsoil's 10-W-30 Synthetic small engine oil is formulated specifically to perform well in single-cylinder, small engines for both industrial and performance applications. Small engines run hotter, and there's no two ways about it.

Often operating under consistently higher loads than a comparative cylinder / crank system in a larger engine, Amsoil's small engine oil is designed to help an engine sustain lubrication even under the toughest strain. 


Small Engine oil is commonly utilized in fleet engines across the country by those operating concession karting operations. Additionally, it's a great oil for the Hodna GXH-50 engine once broken in with Amsoil's Break-in Oil, and a great practice oil for the Briggs 206 during non-competition uses. 

Small Engine Oil is compatible with other conventional or synthetic motor oils, but Point would strongly discouraged prolonged mixing of oils in any engine if possible. Besides, once you move to Amsoil, you'll never go back! 


Health, Safety

This product is not expected to cause health concerns when used for the intended application and according to the recommendations in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). An MSDS is available via the Internet at or upon request at (715) 392-7101. Keep Out of Reach of Children. Don’t pollute. Return used oil to collection centers.

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**Note: At present, Point Karting will supply Amsoil to trackside customers, but will not ship this product unless specially requested (email at