Aluminum Seat Spacers

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Aluminum seat spacers for racing go karts. Ideal for mounting kart seats in position by supporting the front area of the fiberglass seat, or spacing along the side of the seat if smaller than the chassis seat supports. Each aluminum spacer includes a pre-drilled M8 hole for seat bolt hardware and is anodized in silver 'gunmetal' gray for a neat finish. 


The seat spacers presented here by Kart Master are excellent options for supporting the front or sides of your kart racing seat when mounting your seat into a kart. Milled from aluminum to tight tolerances, these spacers will support even the heaviest seat and driver combinations, and can be stacked to fit any gap found between the seat and seat tabs. 

These spacers are also great for smaller seats that create a gap between rear chassis-mounted seat uprights. By utilizing these spacers, the seats position is preserved to be ideal for the driver, while allowing adequate transfer of energy throughout the chassis via tight connections to the chassis seat uprights. 

Available Sizes

Kart Master's seat spacers are available in two sizes. Both feature an M8 pre-drilled hole in the center of the spacer, and main dimensions that vary are the height of the spacer:

  • 41mm OD x 10mm Height (8.5mm Hole)
  • 41mm OD x 20mm Height (8.5mm Hole)

Each seat spacer is sold separately.