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Optical Beacon for AiM MyChron, placed trackside. This beacon is used to obtain laptimes from the MyChron 3, MyChron 4, and additional AiM MyChron systems that utilize an infrared beacon. The unit comes complete with power cables and ability to connect to a 9V power source.


The Optical Beacon, noted as an 'optical lap transmitter' is AiM's solution to gaining laptimes for MyChron systems prior to the advent of the GPS lap tracker systems. Colloquially called a 'beacon,' the optical transmitter is one of the most common sights at any kart track nationwide. Use it to time your kart, multiple karts, a full track load of karts!

The beacon is made of molded plastic, with easy-to-remove phillips head screws that allow the two halves to be separated. Inside, an attachment coil is present, allowing for a 9V battery connection which makes for easy mobile beacon placement. Additionally, a 12v battery attachment coil is included with the beacon, so you can leave the beacon out for longer periods of times - say multi-day events.

Note: This product has had recent price changes (increase) as overall demand for this item has decreased. Point Karting will continue to stock this item, however.

Tip: One tip to not lose your beacon - get a little sign for yourself to put on your car seat so you don't leave the track without it!