AiM MyChron Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) Sensor

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AiM MyChron Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) Sensor for the MyChron 5 and MyChron 5 2T Data Logger. Will also fit and adapt to the AiM MyChron 4.


The cylinder head temperature sensor is designed to fit over the spark plug of internal combustion engines, to determine the temperature of the head area of the engine. This is a great diagnostic tool to determine overall performance of the engine. 

The probe shown here fits 14mm OD spark plugs, which are used on most karts and motor vehicles. 

Additionally, this probe is 2-part, meaning that the sensor can be disconnected at the junction between the male-female connection to facilitate fitment of other sensors if necessary. 

Common applications for the CHT sensor include the following kart engines:

  • Briggs 206
  • IAME KA 100, IAME X-30
  • Rotax EVO line of engines
  • Yamaha KT-100, Horstman KPV 100

The probe is available as a complete sensor, or as components - the CHT connection to the male prong, or the female connection to the data logger insert.