Righetti Ridolfi Front Brake Pads (Set)

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Righetti Ridolfi Front Brake Pads - designed to fit with select Righetti Ridolfi brake calipers! These pads will fit with Righetti Ridolfi models including the 4PN125 front brake calipers, as well as select Avanti, and CRG brake calipers. 

NOTE: This brake pad set is a special order item. Point Karting must order these pads in from overseas upon customer request. Give us a call if you have questions on availability! 


These brake pads are usually far too small to work with most rear brake calipers. Largely a pad of the past, this brake pad is great for select Righetti Ridolfi brake calipers on the front of many karts. Consult our image gallery to see if this pad might be the right fit for your kart! 

Determining if Your Caliper Needs These Pads

Finding the right brake pad for older karts is never an easy task. Often, information is incomplete or poorly laid out. Fortunately, we've dug through what we can find to help you out! 

  • 4PN125 | This Righetti Brake system was used for karts from the mid 2000s until approximately 2010 - it is denoted by a burnished gold or black anodized finish. The front brake caliper may have the following text on it: "CIK/FIA 131/FR/14"

Brake pads designed for Righetti Ridolfi brake systems for FRONT brake calipers.  These quality aftermarket pads are made by IKP.

Selecting the Right Brake Pad Compound

  • Red Carbon pads are for all-around braking performance, and are likely the best choice for most kart racers. 
  • The "G 1054" pads are intended for ceramic rotors, and high-horsepower or performance applications. 
  • These pads are sold as a set (2 pads per set).

    Righetti Ridolfi 4P125 Brake System Pad
    Ideal For: CRG, righetti ridolfi systems
    #5003 fits this brake system - front calipers

    **Point Karting strongly recommends double-checking the provided dimensional diagram to ensure you order the right pads for your kart! If you have questions, reach out to us, we are happy to help.**