#35 Kart Chain Master Link

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Master Link for #35 Pitch Go Kart Chains. In particular, this master link is intended for the RLV Xtreme line of kart chains, but will fit other chains. Master link includes master pin, opposing pin guide, and circlip.

A master link is designed to hold a chain together, and be the perfect option for breaking a chain with minimal effort. In this case, the circlip that is used to retain the link backing plate in place is designed to be removable multiple times.

Each master link is sold separately, as pictured. Options here include master links for:

  • RLV Xtreme Performance Chain (Black Guides, Black Roller Pins)
  • RLV Xtreme High Performance Chain (Gold Guides, Black Roller Pins)
  • RLV Reaper Chain (Black Guides, Silver Roller Pins)
  • RLV Max-T Chain (Gold Guides, Black Roller Pins)

For those who don't want to run a master link, consider our #35 chain breaker as another option to help adjust chain length or repair broken links in a chain.