2020 Winter Training Camps: Camp 01 - Action Karting (10.01.2020)

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Join us at Action Karting on October 11, 2020 for Winter Training Camp 01!
Slots are limited to 5 spots at Winter Training Camp 01.

In go kart racing, the end of one race is the beginning of the next one. The best drivers never stop pushing forward, and finding ways to improve. As 2020 winds to a close on the official racing side, Point Karting is ramping up to provide an outstanding opportunity for racers to improve their driving in the off season.

Join us for our Winter Training Camp Series, each date evoWlving over the winter, weather dependent:

During the winter of 2020, Point Karting will travel to several tracks across Colorado for select dates to work with racers on their driving and fundamentals to ensure proper preparation for the upcoming racing season!

Our team will work with you at each training day, using at-track observation, on-board data and video to assist you in learning from your past races, or practices sessions to find more lap time, learn more about race craft, and reflect on how to prepare even better for your next race!

Preparing For A Training Day
To make the most of a post-race debrief with Point Karting, we recommend:
  • Bring a MyChron: Have your MyChron 5 system on your kart, and bring a laptop capable of downloading data to view and analyze!
    • Our team will have our own laptop available for customers unfamiliar with data analysis.
  • Video Analysis- Time for Go Pro's: Bring your Go Pro and SD-Card, and a capable laptop that is rapidly able to view onboard video for critique of your driving line and habits, we recommend a helmet-mounted or front-fairing mounted option, ideally.
    • For local (Colorado) customers, bringing your video on an SD card, Go Pro (with connecting cable), or on a laptop or mobile device to the track is also ideal. Point Karting will also be bringing a capable device to view onboard video if necessary.