2018 CRG Black Star with Honda CR125

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Used 2018 CRG Black Star Shifter Kart with a Honda CR125 engine. This kart is race ready to hit the track!

Kart comes with an extra set of tires and Swift Low Volume Magnesium wheels with fresh Evinco Red tires mounted, and VP C12 Race Fuel, partially mixed. Kart has on board telemetry system in the form of a MyChron 4 with water temp and RPM sensors.

Engine has some time on it but is in perfectly functioning order and starts easily. Future owner may want to consider an engine inspection and rebuild after some more time (approx 10 hours more) put on engine.

Chassis was inspected and was found to have a crack in the right rear of the frame near the motor mount area. Frame was TiG welded and re-finished and re-painted by Point Karting prior to sale, photos of repair included on this.

Kart will be within the main shop area of IMI Motorsports Complex for viewing. Please contact us for coordination with the seller on this kart.

Kart may be available for sale with kart stand, depending on buyer preference.